Our Environment


Für unsere Umwelt im Königshof Für unsere Umwelt im Königshof

As a family-run company, we care about the environment. We have been covering nearly 60 percent of our hot water requirements by means of a solar heating system since 2000.

The solar panels on the roof and the rainwater recycling system make the Hotel Königshof am Funkturm the first of its kind in germany.

Solar power and reusing rainwater help protect the environment. Large surface-area collectors (50 sqm), buffer storage tanks (2 x 750 l), inverse current plate heat exchanger and sophisticated control technology, plus a rainwater reuse system with a 40,000 L storage tank, all working together to form an excellent system for a modern hotel.

And we make sure we don’t leave our guests cold, as our plans are based on a daily shower at 35 degrees.

For those interested in saving the environment, there is a display in the hotel foyer showing the current solar yield.